Sim Owners Detail

Pak sim data provides an additional service for their users through which users can search the sim owner details. This service is free of cost for citizens of Pakistan only to fetch sim owner details. One just needs to enter some details and then you can have your desired results relevant to sim details. We have information on the sim owner details of every citizen of Pakistan authorized by the Telecommunication regulatory authority “PTA”.

Thus, One can find sim details within seconds using “sim database online”, rather than approaching higher authorities for retrieving data, which takes days or months. How to retrieve the sim owner details? You just need to enter CNIC or mobile number to find sim information.

What is the purpose of a sim?

Pak Sim Data is an independent organization that provides a free search engine for its users. Moreover, users do not need any prior knowledge or training to use a “sim information system”. We prioritize our customers by facilitating a friendly user website to get sim owner details.

We facilitate our customers with a freshly updated sim database online, which is authorized by PTA. We are always concerned about our user's details to give them privacy rights through an advanced encryption system, so no need to worry about leaking our user's data.

How does Sim Data work?

Pak sim Data provides so many different services, which is a solution for several problems associated with sim owner details. The following are the ways by which you can search for sim information. Moreover, always keep in mind that the mobile number against which you are looking for details must be PTA registered.

Sim information system

If someone wants to look for the sim owner's details for any unknown number who is suspicious or annoying you. Then you can use the option for retrieving the sim owner details through the “sim information system”.

What are the details of a SIM card?

Sim (subscribers identity module) is a small card chip that contains the details of the person to whom it belongs. This information includes the name, CNIC number, and address of that person. And sometimes you can fetch location as well by using a “live tracker”.

Live Tracker

Are you looking for a reliable source for tracking mobile numbers or lost devices? Then you have to choose the right platform for you by clicking on “live tracker”. Pak Sim Data gives you the best source for tracking and tracing mobile numbers around Pakistan cities. You can look for sim details regarding the GPS location for your lost sim card or mobile devices.


Can I know in whose name Sim is registered?

If you want to look for searching details of any person by using their CNIC card, then Pak sim Data is also there to help with this aspect. You just need to enter the CNIC information system number of that person in the search bar, and within fewer seconds you will be able to know the information of your desired man.

What information is kept on the sim?

Pak sim data offers such a platform without being charged. You can easily retrieve the sim owner details in more simpler approach without fulfilling any kind of requirement to the sim information system. This sim card is inserted into a mobile phone and connected to wireless network operators.

Thus, it also comprises the most basic sim owner details. However, this information is stored in a sim database online. It is generally regulated, by mobile network organizations and government authorities for various purposes.

Furthermore, mobile operators use their sim owner details for keeping records of uses, for billing, and for other causes. Government authorities keep this information for their oeason like tracking criminals or other reasons. Additionally it sometimes also contains other information like the subscription of the sim card and its activation or expiration date.


The procedure to find out the sim oowner'sdetails is a very powerful tool without any effort. It aims to help Pakistani citizens to find out unknown callers or verify the process of any mobile network. In addition, one does not need to worry about personal details leaking through our website; we are always concerned about our user's rights. So your data are being protected.

Our database system does not support any kind of fetching tool for snatching our user's details for illegal causes. Hence, similarly, you are also not allowed to use our provided details against mobile numbers or sim owner details to use illegally.

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