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Simdatabase.info is an all-in-one platform through which you can get inclusively all number details. Along with sim information from any network operator's mobile, number all over Pakistan. In today's world of digital era, the use of mobile plays an essential role in daily life purposes.

Thus, one must ensure the safety of these SIM cards and must know their SIM information to keep them safe from fraud or misuse of Sims. What is a sim used for? Sim (subscriber identity module) is a chip card that keeps the sim owner's details. Thus, one needs to do verification of sim through their CNIC card by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority).


What information does a sim contain?

Ownership of the sim is a concern with the legal verification of the person who owns that sim card. Each sim is first verified, and it is composed of a unique number that is an identification number for the sim cardholder. The sim information system provides number details regarding sim owner details using the sim database online. The sim database online includes all the information regarding an individual who issued a sim card including its name, number, address, and CNIC. Additionally, sometimes it also provides extra sim details like the status of the sim and the date of activation of that sim card.

What is the importance of Sim number?

One must keep check and balance on their sim information for the following reasons, hence Paksim ga is the ultimate resource for this cause, by which one can easily access their sim owner details free of cost within no time.

Prevention for identity stealing

However, to prevent identity theft, one must verify their Sims through PTA, to keep yourself safe and to ensure no one can use their details from Live Tracker for fraud purposes. Sim information is very sensitive and important for individuals as well as organizations.


Keep themselves away from fraudulent affairs

Pak sim data provides a free service sim database online to fetch sim details for helping citizens. Thus, anyone can find a sim information system against any number, to find out who is behind unknown callers or threats, etc using a sim database online.


Strengthen Personal Security

However, by knowing your sim information through the sim information system, one can use their sim security to keep updated against any illegal activities.


Sorting out Disputes

However, for some legal purposes, one can use the sim information if you have retrieved it from an accurate source using a sim database online. The sim information can be used as great valuable evidence for legal issues.


Procedures for checking Sim Information

The best feature of sim information is that it can be used by both corporate authorities and individuals as well. One can check the sim information in Pakistan in various ways. Some of them are discussed below.


Sim Information by Website

A sim database is a trustworthy platform for fetching sim information. It is user-friendly, with free of cost service for all Pakistani nationals. It gives the most accurate and authentic sim information as they do their sim database online regularly. To retrieve information, you just need to enter your mobile number or CNIC card number and you will get results within a few seconds on your device screen. It supports all mobile network operators running in Pakistan.


Sim Information by Mobile Network User

The other way to retrieve sim information is by the mobile network provider. One just has to visit a nearby service center, show your sim card, and fill out a form for sim information. It is a bit lengthy process but it is a more reliable and legal way, but one has to make some effort.


Sim Information by PTA

Another way to find out sim information of any mobile network in Pakistan, one can ask for help from a government-based organization “PTA” (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). It is an official way to check sim owner details. One just has to call on PTA helpline and provide the required details they will ask for, then you will have the sim owner's details.



This system for retrieving sim information is a convenient and useful tool provided free of cost. It can be used for identifying unknown callers, for stolen sim cards, in case of lost mobiles, along for verification of sim owner details. Moreover, it has some limitations, including the provision of limited sim information, variation in information as compared to the original one, inaccurate sim details, and most importantly which is privacy constraints.

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